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EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) 

An unexplained disembodied voice or sound that is not heard, but imprinted on audio recording devices.  These “voices” or sounds respond directly to questions or comments made by paranormal investigators. Paranormal investigators  often use a classification system to rate the quality of an EVP recording.

The follow is the classifications of EVPs

Class A 

Loud, audible, clear and of very high quality. Words are easily understandable and does not need audio enhancement or amplification. Class A EVPs are also often in direct response to a question being asked.

Class B

The most common type of EVP. Lower quality and clarity than a Class A EVP but still  audible. These EVP’s often do need  amplification to be heard. The voice(s) may not be clear enough to be totally understood or there may be disagreement as to what it is saying. Class B EVPs are usually not in direct response to a question.

Class C

Lowest quality EVP.  Even the best enhancement and amplification may not be sufficient to make the voice(s) audible or clear. There may even be debate whether or not an EVP is actually present.

Below are other class types not frequently used.

Class D

Also referred to as “Class R”. They are very poor quality EVPs. Highly questionable if it even is an EVP. (Chatter, whispers, breathing noises and airy sounds) Class D EVPs are not used as presentable evidence.

Class G

Known as “garbage noise” EVPs have such low quality that they are probably not real.

An apparition is a mysterious image of a disembodied spirit that can be recognized as a human or animal or object. They are the most rare type of ghost to capture on film. Ghostly human forms are the easiest to fake, especially with the advanced technology of computers. This makes it even more difficult to prove apparitions when using photos. Ghostly apparitions of ships trains, cars and other inanimate objects have been seen.

Cemetery Lights 
Cemetery lights are bluish balls of lights that have been sighted after dark hovering over graves.

A Clairvoyant is a person who is believed to posses the power to see into the future. He or she have heightened senses that that can sense things others can't.

Cold Spot
A cold spot is an area in the haunted premises where the temperature drops by several degrees. The temperature can also rise in heat by several degrees indicating a possible fire in the past.

Such creatures as Bigfoot or the infamous West Virginia Mothman are cryptids. Their existence has never been scientifically proven, although there are lots of sightings and amateur photographs suggesting these creatures really do walk or swim the Earth with us. Since we don’t have an official acknowledgement of any kind, until the Loch Ness monster or another cryptid is captured, they will continue to be creatures of mystery.

A Demonologist is a person who actively pursues demons and other nonhuman entitles both for study and to help people rid them from their lives. Usually demonologists are very religious people as they believe strongly that only faith has the power to combat a demon.


Ectoplasm is a solid or vaporous substance, which is produced by a medium during a trance to reach the deceased. Most reports of ectoplasm were revealed to be hoaxes. The medium would take cheesecloth and rig it to drop from a part of the body (the nose, mouth or ears). Some mediums even swallowed the cheesecloth and then regurgitated it later on during the seance.

Ectoplasmic Mist

 An ectoplasmic mist will usually show up in a photo as a misty white cloud to indicate the presence of a spirit. The mist is not seen when the picture is taken. These mists can vary in color from gray, black, red and green.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) Meter
An EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) meter is a device that can pick up electronic and magnetic fields. It can detect any distortions in the normal electromagnetic field

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)
An EVP (Electrical Voice Phenomenon or Electrical Visual Phenomenon) is a method in which you can pick up a spirit's voice by means of audiocassette recorder or any other recording device. it is also possible to pick up visual images of a known dead person coming through computers and televisions when they are not on. What is the AA-EVP? The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP) is a nonprofit educational association that is dedicated to the support of people who are interested in or who are studying Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC). This web site offers examples, techniques and concepts concerning Phenomena. Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) concerns unexpected voices found in recording media. It is a form of after death communication. ITC is a newer term that includes all of the ways these unexpected voices and images are collected through technology, including EVP. Of the many hypotheses designed to explain these phenomena, the Survival Hypothesis has been found to be most effective in answering the evidence.

Ghosts are different forms of apparitions of deceased human spirits that can appear to any of our five senses. They can be seen as shadowy human or animal form. They can be heard and even emit a familiar or offensive odors. They are trapped between worlds. Some people swear on having seen ghosts while others remain skeptical and argue there is a scientific explanation behind any supposedly ghost activity. Although ghost hunters have electronic devices for measuring ghost activity, results are always open to interpretation. Yet, many of us are firm believers in ghostly encounters and phenomena: for example, when you hear a weird noise during the night or things move suddenly a ghost is always to blame. Since there is no indisputable, tangible proof yet, the question whether ghosts exist remains open.

Ghost Hunter 
 A ghost hunter is a person who seeks to find ghosts or haunted places to figure out why, or what type of spirit activity is occurring.


A haunting is the repeated display of paranormal activity in a designated area. Some hauntings are thought to be poltergeist energy from a disembodied entity trapped in a certain location or by the energy left behind from a very strong tragic event or accident. Occasionally, hauntings appear to be an intelligent ghost trying to make a connection with someone on the earth plane to give a message.

 Orbs are globe-shaped lights of energy caught on film, usually during a haunting or other paranormal experience. Orbs are believed to represent the spirit of an individual who has died. They are made up of the life force that powered their body in life. They may vary in size, color, and density.

A poltergeist is a noisy and sometimes violent spirit. The name "Poltergeist" has Greek roots meaning "noisy ghost." Known actions of the poltergeist are banging, thumping, moving objects, levitating, and causing fires. These same actions can also be due to and unconscious outburst of psychokinesis. More researchers of today feel that a lot of poltergeist activity is related to psychokinesis, rather than ghosts.

Psychic Mediums 
A psychic medium exploits their abilities to be able to penetrate higher realms and communicate with people who have passed on. Mediums have the ability to receive messages from spirits, angels and spirit guides. Some mediums are able to speak with spirits. Some mediums need to go through spirit guides to be able to communicate with those from the spirit world. Each medium has unique talents and abilities. Most mediums suggest that the best time to talk to a dead loved one is six months after the death. Six months gives you more than enough time to clear your mind so you can determine the qualifications of a medium before you spend any money. Communicating with a dead loved one at the right time will assure a healing experience. If you talk to a dead loved when the time is not yet right may refresh your grief. Such “professionals” are supposed to have the ability to communicate with “the other side” and people that are no longer present. They are thought to convey messages from the dead to their living loved ones. Although there is no way to measure how psychics receive their information or any actual accuracy guaranteed, we still want to grant them the benefit of the doubt.