House Settling Ghosts

By: Max Wagner

It usually takes 5-10 years for a “normal” house settling. Most people aren’t aware of the serious issue of a house “sinking”. This usually happens when the soil is bad or starts to shift. Poor maintenance of the land can be a result in cracked walls, slanted floors, off-set doors, strange noises, etc. This can become a very serious issue and should be looked into immediately. 
Most people believe if they hear a strange noise in their home, it is a ghost. That is not always the case with a “normal” house settling or “sinking”. Every possible cause should be looked into and thoroughly investigated. We have worked several cases where the claims of activity were nothing more than Heat/A/C turning on, wind blowing against the house, houses settling/sinking, rodents, pipes, loose floor boards, etc.

Just remember..

Not everything that goes “bump in the night” is a spirit looking to scare you. About 80% of the time we can help you by proving or disproving the claims of activity. 

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